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The Stellar Loussier Community

4/9/17 02:35 am - kinky_carter - Stellar Fans!!!


12/17/06 11:05 am - chunky_bunny - Stellar..Stellar...and stellar

Yaha! hi there to all stellar fans! I'm just an hyperactive fan..

Stellar is pretty cute, I mean, She pilots on of my favorite units (GAIA!! *glomps*), Is totally inoccent but deadly in combat,Is cute...well...everything in my Imagination!!Too bad though..I wish she would live through the whole series...

12/15/06 10:55 pm - choco_eclair - Hi to all Stellar fan!!!

This is really amazing, a Stellar fans community. About being a fan of Stellar, I really like her because she is so different and I like such personalities. Although she was oust from the story very early, I like he role as a happy girl turning kinda freak but has changed a stone-cold heart, Shinn.

I really like the scenes when she was with Shinn. Their first encounter at the beach then when they've gone into battle at Lodonia Lab. She is such a great example of a man of innocence.

I just really like her....(~_~)

12/1/06 04:04 pm - stellarlover - image

made a stellar collage if u want to see it also posted in
see pictureCollapse )

10/17/06 07:55 pm - magi_sammy - Discussion: Why Stellar?

Hey everyone.  We've been a little quiet, and since we're still trying to get this community off the ground, I think a discussion is in order.

So, why do you like Stellar?

9/24/06 09:35 am - magi_sammy - Stellar Icons!

Hey there everybody! I've got some Stellar icons here (many just variations of a single pic. ^^;; ) Enjoy!



9/20/06 05:23 pm - whitelilies22 - Welcoming Note

Welcome to the Stellar community!

This is a place where fans of the particular blonde can come discuss and share works on her. If you would like to affliate with us, please leave a note ^_^

I'm looking for someone who can help me out with the moderating around here. Interested? Leave a comment please!
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